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Setting A Match To Typical Misconceptions About Fire Alarm Installation

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When a fire first starts to fill a room with smoke and flames, you might not realize it right away. Whether it is because you are in a different part of the house or sound asleep, the benefit of having a fire alarm is that you will be alerted before the fire gets too big so you can get your family out. As important as it is to have such a safety feature in place in the home, many homeowners avoid fire alarm installation altogether. This is often due to a few common misconceptions that tend to put a damper on better judgement.

Misconception: There is no point in a fire alarm if you have a smoke detector.

Fact: It is a common misconception that a fire alarm and smoke detector are basically the same thing. Yet this is not the case at all. Smoke detectors are a simple device that sound off an alert when smoke particles are detected in the space. Fire alarms are much more complex. Not only can they alert you if there is a fire, but may be connected to activated sprinkler systems, flashing lights, or even the security system to alert the authorities.

Misconception: Fire alarms are too easy to trip and can be a hassle in a residential setting.

Fact: Fire alarms are tripped when there is an interruption in the circuit wiring of the system. This can be done manually with a trip switch, but will occur naturally due to sensors placed within the home. Fire alarms do not normally sense smoke as a smoke detector would, but use a more complex system to detect heat and gas in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is uncommon for the fire alarm to go off unless there really is a fire or someone trips the manual switch.

Misconception: Fire alarm installation is a lengthy and costly process.

Fact: Regardless of what type of home you live in, a good fire alarm system can be installed pretty quickly. The system is installed using existing wiring and can be connected to an existing home security system if you wish.

When it comes down to the facts, a fire alarm is an incredibly valuable addition to any home or business. Before you make any decisions about fire alarm installation, make sure you have a professional installer, like Bevan Security Systems, Inc., help you clear the smoke about any misconceptions that may be floating around.