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Keep Your Business Secure With a Smart Card Access System

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If you own a company with multiple locations, one of the best ways to control who has access to each building is through a smart card access system. If you’re curious about card access systems, read on to find out how they could benefit your place of business. How Smart Cards Differ from Other Card Access Systems Many traditional card access systems just use cards that are magnetically coded in order to open doors. Read More»

Embarking On A Career As Digital Security Expert

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Reports of computer security breaches are commonplace in the news as hackers become more sophisticated in their methods to steal personal and financial data. As a result, many companies and government institutions hire specialists in digital security to protect sensitive corporate information. If you are tech-savvy, love solving complex problems and looking to change job fields, you should consider a career in the growing digital security industry. The following guide provides you with an overview of the field. Read More»

Improvements That Will Make Your Company's Fire Alarm System More Effective

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If a fire should occur, you want to make sure your employees and customers have ample time to get out of the building. To accomplish this task, you need a system that will react properly to a fire. For this purpose, it is best to look into the available upgrades that will make your company’s fire alarm system more effective. Improved Particle Sensors Preventing false alarms is one way to increase the effectiveness of your fire warning system. Read More»

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Home Security System Provider

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The choices are endless for home security system providers. Any quick scan of a phone book or online directory will tell you that (such as MD Electrical LLC, for example). In order to make an informed decision about who to trust with the safety of your home and family, you should ask these important questions: How long has the security system provider been in business? In any industry that provides a service, time means experience. Read More»

Common Fire Suppression Systems You May Want To Consider

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Fire is no joke. Whether you need a fire suppression system for your home, business, or public space, having the proper security in place is of paramount importance. Many people think that there is simply one type of fire suppression system - a system of metal sprinklers in which one alarm can activate all the rest. Today, this is less common with temperature control mechanisms allowing individual parts of the system to activate and prevent the spread of fire. Read More»

What To Think About Before Purchasing Outdoor Video Cameras

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Installing cameras around your property is a great way to capture images of wannabe intruders or preventing them from even trying. When many people see cameras, they want to stay away from them when their intentions are not honorable. However, before you install any cameras, you have to consider a few factors that will influence their effectiveness. Light Resolution Some cameras rely on external light sources for a clear image to be captured, while others have internal components that handle this for you. Read More»

Improving Your Home Security: 3 Products And Services You Should Consider

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There are few things in life as important as protecting your home. After all, in addition to the large investment you have made in your home, the people and possessions that you cherish most will likely be kept within these walls. Thankfully, there are several different products and services that you can rely on to help you keep your home safe from criminals. Below you will learn more about three of the most effective home security products and services that you should consider. Read More»

Setting A Match To Typical Misconceptions About Fire Alarm Installation

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When a fire first starts to fill a room with smoke and flames, you might not realize it right away. Whether it is because you are in a different part of the house or sound asleep, the benefit of having a fire alarm is that you will be alerted before the fire gets too big so you can get your family out. As important as it is to have such a safety feature in place in the home, many homeowners avoid fire alarm installation altogether. Read More»

3 Tips For Protecting Your Home And Loved Ones

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Home security is very important. Many people house expensive things in their homes, not to mention that is where loved ones reside. It is important that those you feel safe at home. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to keep your property and loved ones safe by doing a few simple things. 1. Get A Home Security System Home security systems are essential in this day and age. Read More»