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What To Think About Before Purchasing Outdoor Video Cameras

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Installing cameras around your property is a great way to capture images of wannabe intruders or preventing them from even trying. When many people see cameras, they want to stay away from them when their intentions are not honorable. However, before you install any cameras, you have to consider a few factors that will influence their effectiveness.

Light Resolution

Some cameras rely on external light sources for a clear image to be captured, while others have internal components that handle this for you. Understanding the way each camera type works when it comes to light sources will help you choose the right model for your property.

The first camera option requires a secondary light source. This means you need to install lighting that uses a motion sensor. When the sensors activate, the cameras turn on and take a picture or a recording of what is going on around your property. During the daylight hours, the sensors for the lights will still activate the camera since they still respond to motion.

Another camera model has night and day vision. These cameras capture clear images, even in low lighting, which makes them a better option when you do not want to install secondary lighting.

Additionally, when you want to hide your cameras, the low light resolution allows you to place the cameras away from light sources. This action can allow you to capture images of unwanted people that normally avoid areas with lights when sneaking around a building.


The next factor you need to consider is the distance that the camera can capture. Some cameras only offer a clear image for a specific range. The range is typically the number of feet that the camera can see without the image distorting. For example, when you are only trying to see around a doorway, then a camera with a smaller range works very well.

However, for larger open areas that can include a doorway, sidewalk or parking area, it is important to have a camera that can handle the distance. In this situation, you want to measure the space you are monitoring, since the measurements will help you pick the right model for your surveillance needs.

Recording Options

Once you know the distance and light requirements, you want to look into the recording options. Some cameras record still images, while others take videos. You need to choose the recording option that works best for your needs.

Additionally, unless you want to record everything that goes on around your property, then a camera that activates by motion is a good choice as well. With these models, a motion sensor turns the camera on, which can save on the amount of space your recordings or still images will require. After you make these decisions, you want to go out and purchase the camera model that is best suited for the outside of your property.

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