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Keep Your Business Secure With a Smart Card Access System

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If you own a company with multiple locations, one of the best ways to control who has access to each building is through a smart card access system. If you're curious about card access systems, read on to find out how they could benefit your place of business.

How Smart Cards Differ from Other Card Access Systems

Many traditional card access systems just use cards that are magnetically coded in order to open doors. These card access systems are the same types that are used in hotel; you can easily set the cards up at your place of business with a magnetic card coding machine.

Smart cards are not magnetically coded. Instead, smart cards contain a chip that allows your employees to access your buildings. These chips are specifically coded for each employee; they can be set-up to contain identify information about who is swiping in at each key card location throughout your buildings. 

Smart Cards Can Be Integrated into Other Access Control Systems

Due to the chip inside of the card, smart cards can also be integrated into other access control systems and can be used to create a dynamic security system across your different locations.

For example, if you have specific buildings or rooms where you want to use a biometric control point, such as a fingerprint or eye scan, to restrict access to that area, you can also link your smart cards to that control point. 

Smart cards can be linked to biometric control systems, magnetic stripe systems as well as proximity card readers. This flexibility allows you to create a security system for your different business that is complex and secure. 

Smart Cards Allow You to Restrict Access to Your Business

Smart cards can also be set up to restrict access to your business. If you don't want employees to be able to access certain buildings after hours, you can restrict the hours that your card system provides you employees with access to your business. 

If you have specific rooms or buildings that you only want a select group of individuals to have access to, you can set up your smart cards to only provide access to those specific users. This allows you to easily keep unauthorized individuals out of sensitive and secure spaces.

Smart Cards Allow You to Track Access to Your Business

Finally, since each smart card is set up for one specific user, you can easily track movement throughout your business and different buildings with a smart card access system. You can log into your access system, and see when specific individuals entered and exited specific areas of your business. If anything goes awry, you will know who last access that specific area of your business.

If you own a business with multiple locations, in order to better control over who has access to your business, you should consider investing in a smart card access system. A smart card access system will provide you with the security and oversight you need to ensure that your business is safe.