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Improvements That Will Make Your Company's Fire Alarm System More Effective

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If a fire should occur, you want to make sure your employees and customers have ample time to get out of the building. To accomplish this task, you need a system that will react properly to a fire. For this purpose, it is best to look into the available upgrades that will make your company's fire alarm system more effective.

Improved Particle Sensors

Preventing false alarms is one way to increase the effectiveness of your fire warning system. One issue that causes many false alarms is the sensors cannot tell the difference between smoke and dust particles. Some companies are counteracting this problem by changing the way their sensors look at the particles that float through the air.

Smoke, dust and steam for example, have different sized particles. Many of the older models cannot tell the difference between the particles, which is why some alarm systems will activate when there is no fire.  

This is one reason why some fire alarm companies have developed technology that uses advanced algorithms and LED lights to improve their sensors. The basic concept is that when a light is shined through the particles in the air, the sensors use their algorithms to read the size and density of the particles. This information then helps the system to determine if it should activate the fire alarm.

For the average person, the algorithms and light frequencies are complicated to understand fully. However, the purpose and effectiveness of installing these types of sensors will be very useful to your company.

Proper Calibration of Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Another way to improve your fire alarm system is to make sure your sensors are not overly sensitive to carbon dioxide. This is important for factories and repair shops, since some machinery produces excess carbon dioxide and can trigger your alarm.           

To calibrate and place these sensors, you need to work with a fire system specialist. This individual will determine what levels are safe for the room and then calibrate the system for you. This action will help you avoid false alarms, while still making sure that if the carbon dioxide levels go too high your system will notify you of a problem.

Improving your fire alarm system is easier to do when you update your sensors and make sure they are calibrated properly. It is best to work with a fire suppression company, like Eastern Fire Protection or others, since they can evaluate your current system and make recommendations. By doing this work, you can help make sure your building is safe for everyone that enters it.